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1989 to 1991 and 1992 to Present

New Years eve, 1988, while partying at the Half Keg Tavern in New London, 5 people (Jeff Boyle, Kevin O'Connor, Jim Villano, Steve Swan, and Simon John) formed the band D.O.T Department of Transportation. The idea was to write songs about working on a road crew (which Simon was doing at the time). This was an idea based off an earlier idea Simon had for a band called Le Chef. Le Chef would have been a food core based band like French Onion Soup but would have take it a step further where band members would wear chef outfits and have food cooking on the stage.

The band practiced in Steve's parent's garage where songs like New London This Exit, Payday, and Leave of Absence was born. Simon wrote most of his lyrics on paper in crayon.

The 1st show D.O.T. played was the Hygenic Art Show at the American Legion in New London. Steve found a dead cat at work and decided to freeze it. The cat would be used as a prop in the song Kitty Pancake for this debut show. As the song started the frozen cat was thrown into the crowd, not realizing it was a real dead cat it was kicked around the dance floor until a woman scooped up the dead remains, crying, and running out of the building. 2 more cat shows happened. One was opening for GG Allen at Populous Pudding in Willimantic and the other isn't coming to mind at the moment.

"Here we go boys". That the theme behind the band's 2nd show and 1st El N' Gee Club show. Jeff "The Captain" Boyle would start off almost every song with that phrase, not becasue he thought it was cool, but because he was drunk off his ass. The cat did not come out for this show per Scott Magruder's request. Word got out about the cat and we were told by all club owners that we would not get a show if there was a dead cat in the act.

Jeff Boyle eventually left the band followed by Jim Villano. The band decided to stay as a 4 piece and replaced Jim with 2 drummers. ? and Eric Carr. After that the band broke up when Simon smashed his hardhat over Kevin's head at a show in 1991.

In the Summer of 1991 Jeff and Jim started a band with bass player John Bauer. They tried to find a singer but no one panned out. John Moved to California so bass player Bob Kopisce joined in. Again with no luck finding a singer, Jim suggested to call Simon and start D.O.T again. That line up played a few shows (City limits, El N' Gee Club, Pool Hand Lukes) when Bob moved back to Florida. Enter Steve once again. This line up lasted until 1994 when Jim left the band again.

The band disolved once again until the arrival of Tom Maynard. With Tom's arrival the band has been together ever since.


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