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First began to feature live music by local bands in the early '80s.

Annie Newsome bought the club in the late 80's and it was renamed the Annie Club. The "Annie Club" name was not a popular modification. Trin Rikja ran sound for a long time, but left at some point during Annie's reign.

During this time Annie's son Chris Ribera managed the club bands to a large degree. Chris was a cool cat. He cut slack to one well-known local band in the '80s that was just a shade under the age of 18 (able to "work" in a bar) at the time so that they could play. That was in the days when there was a gray area.

Chris moved the stage to where it is now (2007) and created a folding partition to seperate the music from the Bar Area. Chris had repainted the walls black.

Also during this time there was a guy John Travis who used to draw ALL the posters for the club. Giant versions hung around the inside. He did the cover for the first Towers of New London record as well.

In its heyday, you hadn't arrived until you played the El n' Gee and Travis had drawn your band's poster.

After being sold again the name reverted to its original name.

After Annie, John DeNardis of Vacant Lot ran the club for a while.

After John, Scott Magruder took over the club and eventually bought the building. He then turned the upstairs into an office area for himself and partitioned out the 3rd floor for bands to rent practice spaces. Scott sold the business to Eric, Jason and Tracy - the last owners before the doors closed.

It closed its doors in 2003.

The bill for the final show at the Gee on Aug. 7, 2003 was:

A new club opened at the same spot a short time later named Intuition which billed itself as "Southeast CT's only 18 and over nightclub" but the doors closed at the end of January 2005 and it reopened a couple of months later as Club Fusion. At some point it was Club Hypnotic. Re-christened as the El N' Gee Club during the summer of 2006 and managed by Joaquin and company. Closed again at the end of June, 2007.

The club re-opened yet AGAIN in late spring 2008, this time named The Backstage Pass. The club was re-opened by a trio of partners -- amongst them: Greg (last name?), and also Jim O'Connor who also ran a small pub in Jewitt City named "PJ O'Connors". The club was completely revamped over late 2007 and winter 2008: the wall around the bar was torn down, the floors redone, the bathrooms remodeled and extended outward, the fence outside around the building removed, and the bar... torn down and rebuilt in the shape of an acoustic guitar. The famous stage, however, respectfully untouched. However, the venue had some issues with the lineup of management shortly after opening its doors. They closed for a brief month or so, and opened again in July -- with Greg as the only acting manager, and a new staff behind the bar. The club is currently open as a live music venue and running as The Backstage Pass, however, with the El N' Gee marquee lit up on the side.

Unfortunately because of the numerous openings and closings in the last decade, it's been hard for the venue to gain the momentum it once had in the 80's and 90's.

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