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There have always been plenty of good bands from the New London County area but it probably wasn't until Ba Ba O'Riley's opened up that the whole scene really took off. Kids in mohawks sitting at the bar, staring intently at a record cover by a new band from England called the Sex Pistols. People wearing leather! Black boots. Green hair. And buttons. Lots of buttons. But it was the music that made us come back again and again.

New London was rocking!

Even though Ba Ba's closed it's doors in 1983 the scene continued. A club down the street, the , which had followed Ba Ba's lead of providing a venue for (2004), (2005) and serving as additiooksmith]] in the New London Mall and provided an place for loca the bands looked to expand their audiencerom New Haven|New Haven]], kid carrier [, and areas were tgo.

Other clubs have picked up the live slack over the years including Temporary Autonomous Zone, Station 58, Secret Theatre, Bank Street Cafe, the Brass Rail, and the Oasis Pub among many others that have come and gone. The band scene is perhaps as vibrant now in the new millenium as it ever was boasting some 30 plus bands playing regularly in the New London area and many of those releasing significant records to boot.

New London is rocking!<br>


We're hoping this web site will entice people to help document all of the great musicians and bands that have come out of our neck of the woods, as well as those bands from outside of SE CT that have been frequent and welcomed guests at the many venues here over the years. We've given the site a head start by adding as much information as possible before making the site live. Anyone can register and then they can jump right in to help edit the existing pages or create new ones. Everyone who has anything they'd like to share is welcome to share it here.