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Paisley Jungle

In their heyday, Paisley Jungle were one of the biggest bands in the area, opening for international acts like Public Image Ltd. and many others.

The band had a unique sound using two basses and no guitars. Steve Swan played a "piccolo bass" and often used two-note chords for the band's powerful hooks. Steve's "solo" in Cool Vacation famously consisted of one note, plucked rhythmically. The band was known for singer Paul Brocket's dynamic stage presence and the entire band's overall sense of fashion.

The band premiered with a bass player Peter Helms, who was immediately replaced by Kara Krane. Krane was the ONLY female musician among the sea of bands in this area at the time. She was a cool cat and an ace player. This, combined with the general stylishness of the band, added much to Paisley Jungle's mystique.

Paisley Jungle added a percussionist Chris MacKay around 1985, with a full percussion kit. While some thought this was "gilding the lilly," others thought it nicely rounded-out their sound. You can compare their early sound, on Towers of New London Vol. I and the Artsapassion (if you can find it) compilations, with their subsequent material, and judge for yourself.

One of the most generous and friendly bands in the area, Paisley Jungle were also instrumental in assisting the brace of snotty, younger punks who would later become Live Nude Girls, The Disturbed, and many others.

Paisley Jungle's long-awaited full-length album sported a conceptual black and white cover, with a picture that could be only completed using a transparent insert, which fit over the cover to complete the puzzle. Unfortunatly, this mostly served to confuse buyers, and without the insert overlaid, it was kind of ugly.

Paisley Jungle stopped performing together in (?) but Steve Swan and Paul Brockett continue to be active to date (2007).




  • Paisley Jungle (198? - LP) self-released

Side A

  1. The World
  2. The Trouble With Your
  3. I Just Wanna Be Left Alone
  4. We Don't Twist
  5. S.B.D.

Side B

  1. Old Fashion Meal Ticket
  2. I Rely On Myself
  3. Riptorn
  4. Cool Vacation
  5. Baby's On Fire (Brian Eno cover)

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