Towers of New London Vol. I

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Towers of New London Vol. I

The first of three Towers of New London various artist compilations. Subtitled "The Bands of the El 'N Gee." Released on Vinyl Siding Records in 1985. Produced by Bill Dumas, photography by Gary Wilcox and cover art by Jon Travis.

Track Listing

Side A

  1. Vacant Lot - Athena
  2. Paisley Jungle - We Don't Twist
  3. The Reducers - Blowing The Whistle On Your Friends
  4. The Whales - For What It's Worth
  5. Mindless Thinkers - We Are The Future
  6. Bomb Squad - Soap Opera
  7. The Hangmen - Fast Attack

Side B

  1. The Motive 8 - Total War
  2. New Johnny 5 - One More Chance
  3. Artificial Red - Image Lies
  4. Cartoons - White Knuckles
  5. Live Nude Girls - McDog
  6. Blonde Furniture - Big Tires