Towers of New London Vol. II

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Towers of New London Vol. II

The second of four Towers of New London various artist compilations. Subtitled "Music From Ground Zero." Released on Vinyl Siding Records in 1987. Produced by Bill Dumas, photography by Gary Wilcox and cover art by Jon Travis.

Track Listing

Side A

  1. Paisley Jungle - Old Fashion Meal Ticket
  2. The Reducers - Breakout (Live)
  3. Stark Weather - GQ
  4. Crawlspace - Hottest Thing
  5. Paul Preston Jr. - Find My Way
  6. The Whales - Mr. Breeze

Side B

  1. New Johnny 5 - Chain Link Fence
  2. The Hangmen - Out Of My Way
  3. Foreplay - One Of Those Days
  4. Blonde Furniture - Jimmy
  5. Live Nude Girls - Now I Wanna Fuck Madonna
  6. The Disturbed - Downtown
  7. NE1 - Dark And Far Away
  8. 17 Relics - Vacationing In The Rain