Towers of New London Vol. III

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Towers of New London Vol. III

The third of the Towers of New London various artist compilations. Subtitled "Hygenic Art XXV." Released on Hozomeen/CDT in 2004. Produced by Rich Martin, CJ Stankewich and Rich Freitas. Photography by A. Vincent Scarano and cover art by Adam Cook.

The Reducers and Blonde Furniture are the only bands to appear on of the first three releases in this various artists series. Rich Freitas (Low-Beam), also appeared on Towers of New London Vol. II with 17 Relics.

Track Listing

  1. Wishing Wells - Crazy Thing - Dry H20
  2. The Can Kickers - Froggy Went A Courting
  3. Fatal Film - Summer Of Twenty O'One
  4. Low-Beam - Tuffy Rhodes
  5. Moon Patrol - Carucified
  6. Ringers - Better Way To Zero
  7. The Reducers - Meltdown
  8. Brian Skidmore - Beautiful Eyes
  9. Flesh Hammer - Waiting For My Fate
  10. Degoleg - My Blue Bonita
  11. Highlighter - Emerson
  12. Matt Gouette - Picked Up
  13. Ladies & Gentlemen - Shallow Pool Of Men
  14. Dogbite - Let The Cocaine Be (Trad.)
  15. Mah Ray - Was I Sleeping
  16. The Rivergods - Time Has Come
  17. Incognito Sofa Love - Sundae Driving
  18. Four Figures - Elephants Forget
  19. KNV - Kevorkian's Dream
  20. The Skinwalkers - With A Wink And A Smile
  21. Blonde Furniture - Black & White